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Hey there, July! That’s right, we’re mid-summer and already thinking about the fall. It will be here before you know it! We have so many exciting learning opportunities on deck for you! Whether you are a casual explorer looking to pick up some new skills or ideas, an avid learner curious about short-term programs, a focused leader targeting your specific ministry role, or a traditional student pursuing your degree, we’ve got something for everyone! Take a look at our Fall course offering below! 

With new courses and new seasons often come new professors! You may see some new names below, as we have several new friendly faces joining our Ascent College faculty. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram as we take time to thoughtfully meet and greet the newest members of the Ascent College family.

Several new courses will launch in our Fall semester, including the official kickoff of our new Digital Ministry certificate program and concentration degree path, led by the newly appointed Dean of Digital Ministries, Dr. Todd Korpi

MIS107 Introduction to Digital Missiology (Fall A): This course covers a broad overview of basic ministry implications in digital space, including anthropology, community development, and digital ecclesiology. This will include an exploration of digital environments as destinations of missional engagement. 

MIN293 Digital Cultures and Community (Fall B): This course explores how culture is formed online and the cosmology of digital environments. It introduces digital cultures and UdPGs (e.g., gamer and fandom cultures, etc.). Students will learn practices for digital exegesis.

We will also welcome two new worship courses led by Professor and award-winning musician Yancy Richmond and Professor and Dean of Worship Ministries Leadership Karen Clark. 

MIN440 Formation of the Children’s Worship Leader (Fall A): This course builds on the foundations of the Children and Worship course (MIN340). Students will learn to develop in their own personal growth and spiritual formation as worship leaders. Students will learn about leading teams in children’s worship and how to steward the stage well, strengthening them as communicators and shaping their hearts to shepherd those they are leading in worship. 

WOR312 Leading a Worship Ministry (Fall A): This course is a study of the practical issues involved in planning and facilitating creative corporate worship.  Application is made to practical issues of corporate worship, administration, assembling and training a team, rehearsal techniques, worship planning, special services/ordinances of the church, staging, and incorporating creative aspects.

Last but certainly not least, Ascent College is beyond excited to announce our partnership with AG World Missions and Dr. Robert Shipley as we launch an exciting new course in our Intercultural Studies concentration, which will include a two-week overseas missions trip! (Specific trip details forthcoming. Trip costs are to be paid separately by the student.) 

MIS105 Missions in the Local Church (AKA Equipping for the Harvest) (Fall B): This course enables the student to mobilize and train local churches and church networks to participate in God’s global mission and engage unreached persons and people groups with the gospel. Topics addressed include participating in the Harvest, giving through faith promises, networking through partnerships, being goers and/or senders, and facilitating church planting movements.  

(Begins Wednesday, August 21 and Ends Tuesday, October 15)

BIB105 Old Testament Survey (Professor John Ponder)
BIB110 New Testament Survey (Dr. Taehyun Lee)
BIB210 Life and Teachings of Christ (Dr. Taehyun Lee)
COM101 Speech Communication (Faculty Pending)
COUN350 Grief and Trauma Counseling (Professor Valerie Rance)
ENG101 Grammar & Composition (Professor Christopher Liverman)
GEN102 Orientation and Library Resources (Dr. Ron DeBerry)
HIS220 History of the Christian Church (Dr. Don Kammer)
MIN103 Spiritual Formation I (Dr. Stephanie Nance)
MIN242 Collective Journey: Leadership Health for Next-Gen Female Leaders (Rev. Lisa Potter)
MIN250 Introduction to Children’s Ministry (Dr. Jesse Joyner)
MIN301 Leadership Theory and Practice (Professor Brandon Pardekooper)
MIN322 Understanding Adolescent Culture (Professor Mark Freeman)
MIN440 Formation of the Children’s Worship Leader (Professor Yancy Richmond) *NEW COURSE ALERT
MIS107 Introduction to Digital Missiology (Dr. Todd Korpi) *NEW COURSE ALERT
MIS303 Cross-Cultural Anthropology (Professor Diane McGehee)
PRA101 Psychology Practicum I (Professor Valerie Rance) *NEW COURSE ALERT
PSY354 Introduction to Statistics for Social Sciences (Professor Paul Thee)
THE212 Theology I: Spirit-Empowered Theology (Professor Martin Monacell)
THE406 Pastoral Theology (Professor Brandon Shank)
WOR312 Leading a Worship Ministry (Professor Karen Clark) *NEW COURSE ALERT

*General Ministry Practicums I – VI will all be offered, beginning in Fall A and running 16 weeks.
*BIB150 Hermeneutics I will meet on Mondays at 5:30 PM at Word of Life International Church.

(Begins Wednesday, October 16 and Ends Tuesday, December 10)

BIB215 Luke and Acts (Dr. Doug Chapman)
BIB305 Old Testament Prophetic Literature (Dr. Taehyun Lee)
COM201 Church Communications (Professor Katie Allred)
COUN303 Christian Counseling for Marriage & Family (Professor Valerie Rance)
ENG102 Composition and Literature (Professor Christopher Liverman)
GEN401 Senior Seminar and Career Preparedness (Dr. Ron DeBerry)
MAT101 Fundamentals of Mathematics (Dr. Karina Negron)
MIN104 Spiritual Formation II (Dr. Stephanie Nance)
MIN212 Personal Christian Ethics (Pastor Kevin Willis)
MIN220 Homiletics (Professor Brandon Shank)
MIN230 Pastoral Counseling (Professor Gary Butler)
MIN243 Communicating for Transformation (Dr. Kristi Lemley)
MIN245 Principles of Christian Leadership Development (Dr. Anna Morgan) *HYBRID COURSE AT WORD OF LIFE EXTENSION SITE
MIN293 Digital Cultures and Community (Dr. Todd Korpi) *NEW COURSE ALERT
MIN356 Teaching and Learning for Children (Dr. Jesse Joyner)
MIN412 Youth Ministry in the Local Church (Professor Mark Freeman)
MIN481 Pastoral Care of Children (Dr. Jesse Joyner)
MIS105 Missions in the Local Church (AKA Equipping for the Harvest) (Dr. Robert Shipley) *NEW COURSE ALERT
MIS220 The Biblical and Theological Basis for Missions and Contemporary Issues (Dr. Don Kammer)
PSY202 Introduction to Psychology and Christian Counseling (Professor Nina Angeles)
THE230 Eschatology (Professor Martin Monacell)
THE301 Theology II: Word and Doctrine (Professor John Ponder)

*MIN245 Principles of Christian Leadership Development will meet on Mondays at 5:30 PM at Word of Life International Church.

If you’re a current Ascent student, you’ll be hearing from your academic advisor soon to coordinate your Fall plans. Not an Ascent student YET? (See what we did there?) Remember, Ascent College has rolling admissions, so if the Spirit is nudging that #yourmomentisnow, we are standing by and ready to help you take that first step. All are welcome! All ages and all walks of life, working parents, ministry leaders, lifelong learners…we believe in God’s call on your life. Let’s do this!