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Biblical Studies Concentration

Bachelor’s Degree Program

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Graduates in the Biblical Studies Concentration will:

Be able to identify the unique contributions of each biblical book and recognize the purpose, style, and form of each biblical genre.

Be able to properly exegete any passage of Scripture.

Be able to contextualize Scripture for daily Christian living.

Demonstrate an ability to apply biblical teaching in the development of Christian ethics.

Develop a lifestyle of personal study of the Scriptures in order to promote growth, ministry to others, and a positive influence on culture.

Demonstrate a thorough knowledge of core Christian theology, philosophy, and values.

Be able to demonstrate an ability to comprehend and construct sound Christian theology.


Course General Studies 42 CR
GEN 102 Orientation & Library Resources 0
ENG 101 Grammar & Composition 3
ENG 102 Composition & Literature 3
ENG 105 Academic Writing & Critical Research 3
MAT 115 Elements of Math 3
SCI 101 Life Science 3
HIS 220 History of the Christian Church 3
COM 101 Speech Communication 3
COM 201 Social Media & Digital Discipleship 3
HUM 301 Contemporary Moral Issues 3
SOC 400 Marriage & Family 3
PSY 202 Intro to Psychology & Christian Counseling 3
MIN 275 Non-Profit Financial Management 3
MIS 303 Cross-Cultural Anthropology 3
LAN 201 Intro to Biblical Languages (Greek & Hebrew) 3
GEN 401 Senior Seminar & Career Preparedness 0
Course General Bible/Ministry 42 CR
BIB 105 Old Testament Survey 3
BIB 110 New Testament Survey 3
BIB 150 Hermeneutics 3
BIB 400 Bible Review III 0
BIB 215 Luke & Acts 3
BIB 313 Pauline Epistles 3
MIN 103 Spiritual Formation I 3
MIN 104 Spiritual Formation II 3
MIN 112 Relational Outreach & Personal Evangelism 3
MIN 211 Personal Christian Ethics 3
MIN 245 Principles of Christian Leadership Development 3
THE 212 Theology I: Spirit-Empowered Theology 3
THE 230 Eschatology 3
THE 301  Theology II: Word & Doctrine 3
MIS 220 The Biblical & Theological Basis for Missions 3
Course Concentration Courses 40 CR
MIN 264 Apologetics 3
BIB 210 Life and Teachings of Christ 2
BIB 214 Book of Romans 2
BIB 303 OT Historical Literature 3
BIB 304 OT Poetic Literature 3
BIB 305 OT Prophetic Literature 3
BIB 315 General Epistles 3
BIB 320 OT & NT Apocalyptic Literature 3
BIB 450 Hermeneutics II 3
THE 401 Theology III 3
PRA 100 Practicum I* 3
PRA 200 Practicum II 3
PRA 304 Practicum III 3
PRA 306 Practicum IV 3

*Practicums are 16-week courses and require 8 hours a week serving in the church.

Statement on Transferability of Credits and Degrees 

Students should be aware that transfer of credits to other institutions is solely at the discretion of the receiving institution.  Students who are considering attending Ascent College and then transferring to another college should contact the receiving institution for its policy on accepting credits from another institution.

Credits earned under the Associate degree offered at Ascent College are not considered credits under a terminal degree and these credits may be transferred to institutions toward a Bachelor degree at the discretion of the receiving institution.  Ascent College takes all credits earned at Ascent College from the Associate degree and applies them toward the Bachelor degree as long as the credits are compatible with the Bachelor degree plan selected.

Ascent College transfers in credit from other colleges in accordance with our Credit Policy.

Statement on Placement Services

Our college office receives many opportunities for various full-time or part-time ministry positions and will assist students in obtaining an interview with employing personnel. No guarantee for placement may be made; however, Ascent College does maintain contact with various denominational offices and may assist students with placement in ministry occupations.

Bachelor’s Concentration Options

Ministerial Leadership Concentration

Designed to prepare the student for leadership positions in their chosen field in ministry.

Intercultural Studies Concentration

Designed to prepare the student for a career on the mission field.

Worship and Worshipping Arts Concentration

Designed to prepare the student for a leadership position in the area of worship in a church ministry.

Christian Counseling Concentration

Designed to prepare the student for advanced studies in the Christian Counseling field or for pastoral care positions.

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