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Ascent College recently announced the addition of two new Digital Ministries academic program tracks for emerging ministry leaders interested in understanding how to effectively engage the missional potential of the internet. Leading the charge in Ascent College’s ongoing commitment to pioneering new mission and pastoral care frontiers, Dr. Todd Korpi has stepped into the role of Dean of Digital Ministries. 

Dr. Korpi shares, “The Church has a long history of ministering well in offline spaces. But in digital spaces, even though internet technology has been around for a long time, it’s still kind of the Wild Wild West. Coalescing and synthesizing best practices into formal training still isn’t very common. This program is designed to give you a foundation of what it means to be a Christian, what it means to be the Church, what it means to disciple people to cultivate community, how to extend hospitality, and how to live as God’s people in digital spaces, and train, equip, and empower others to do that as well. This is the foundation of knowing what it means to participate in God’s mission, to reach people, and to minister to people with the love of Jesus in digital environments. This is the next frontier of mission.”

Ascent College students are very familiar with faculty member Dr. Todd Korpi through his leadership and teaching in The Biblical and Theological Basis for Missions and Contemporary Issues, Theology I: Spirit-Empowered Theology, Eschatology, and more recently, our newest course offering, Contextualized Theology. Let’s take a moment to get to know our new Dean of Digital Ministries even better and hear from him on how we can expect to learn and grow as participants in Ascent College’s Digital Ministries programming.

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I have served alongside my wife in church ministry since 2008, doing a bit of everything from planting a church in Flint, Michigan, to serving in senior leadership at a megachurch. I currently serve as the Church Planting Commission Coordinator for the World Assemblies of God Fellowship and the lead researcher of the Digital Mission Consortia. In addition to my teaching and Dean role at Ascent, I am also a professor at Fuller Theological Seminary and Southeastern University.


  • St. Francis of Assisi is my favorite historical figure. 
  • When I dance, people throw things at me. 
  • I have three daughters and love being a girl dad. 
  • My best hot takes:
    • Food shouldn’t pretend to be other food (looking at you, cauliflower rice). 
    • The Detroit Lions will be the next championship dynasty in the NFL. 
    • Céline Dion is the greatest singer of all time. 
    • Gloria Gaither is one of the most influential theologians of the 20th century. 
    • Pluto will always be a planet (sorry, Neil deGrasse Tyson).
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You may be called by God to the ministry, but your calling is not your identity. Before anything you know, can do, or produce, you are a beloved daughter or son of God. The position you fill, the affirmation you do or do not receive, or the things you do or do not accomplish will never change your rightful place at the Father’s table.

Interested in joining us at the ground floor level as we blaze new trails in the digital mission field? Digital Ministries programming will launch in our Fall 2024 semester. Ascent College has rolling admissions, so you can apply at any time. All are welcome! All ages and all walks of life, working parents, ministry leaders, lifelong learners…we believe in God’s call on your life. Reach out to our Director of Admissions, Amy Piehl, at amy@ascent.edu or fill out the website contact form today. Let’s do this!