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Certificate programs provide targeted learning for specific ministry roles, allowing students to affordably access critical tools and resources via short-term academic paths designed to equip and empower ministry leadership. 

Certificate programs are a great starting place for those stretching their academic wings to see how higher ed fits into their busy work, home, and ministry schedules. It’s a perfect fit for those who may already have college degrees and are seeking supplemental and focused education as God guides their path deeper into professional and volunteer ministry responsibilities. Certificate programs can also be taken in tandem with Ascent College’s diploma, associate’s, and bachelor’s degree programs. Certificate programs generally take a year to complete, usually requiring only twelve (12) credits across 4-6 courses. 

Ascent College offers a wide breadth of certificate programs across a variety of ministry focal points. Global missional needs are explored continually to uncover new opportunities to resource ministry leaders via uniquely affordable online education. We will meet you where you are. There is something for everyone! 


Certificate Programs

Our newest certificate program helps online missionaries and pastors effectively engage the missional potential of the internet. 

Classes include: 

  • MIS106 Introduction to Digital Missiology
  • MIN225 Digital Cultures and Communities
  • MIN385 Contemporary Issues in Digital Ministry
  • MIN475 Principles for Digital Church Planting and Multiplication


Certificate Programs

Thirsty for connection with other women in ministry? Join other emerging female ministry leaders actively seeking to develop their skills as effective communicators called and purposed for Kingdom impact.

Classes include: 

  • MIN242 Collective Journey: Leadership Health for Next-Gen Leaders
  • MIN243 Communicating for Transformation
  • MIN244 The Biblical Theology of Women in Leadership: Why Not Women? 
  • MIN342 How Remarkable Women Lead


Certificate Programs

Ascent College offers two children’s ministry leadership certificate programs designed to help students compose, communicate, and contextualize the Gospel in Biblically sound teaching to children. 

Children’s Ministry Leadership Certificate (Part 1 of 2) classes include: 

  • MIN250 Intro to Children’s Ministry
  • MIN356 Teaching and Learning in Children’s Ministry
  • MIN340 Children and Worship
  • MIN459 Leadership Development in Children’s Ministry 

Children’s Ministry Pastoral Leadership Certificate (Part 2 of 2) classes include: 

  • PSY351 Developmental Theory for Children
  • MIN380 Camp Ministry
  • MIN440 Formation of the Children’s Worship Leader
  • MIN450 Intergenerational Ministry
  • MIN465 Accessibility and Inclusivity for Children with Disabilities
  • MIN481 Pastoral Care of Children


Certificate Programs

Explore the unique ministry challenges of working with Gen Z students while grounding everything you do in Biblical literacy, Gospel fluency, Biblical community, and Holy Spirit dependency. Integrate the Gospel holistically in ministry to young people, developing skills in Bible-centered teaching, designing and facilitating youth ministry experiences, enhancing student relationships, and equipping youth for Christian leadership. 

Classes include: 

  • MIN330 Gospel-Centered Youth Ministry
  • MIN343 Discipleship Strategy in Youth Ministry
  • MIN322 Understanding Adolescent Care
  • MIN412 Youth Ministry in the Local Church

Ascent College continues to pursue excellence in higher education, delivering cutting-edge, flexible, and affordable online learning to equip and empower ministry leaders as they adapt to a rapidly changing world. Accredited academic instruction is offered at a $350/credit hour tuition rate. Certificate program participants receive an exclusive 25% off their tuition. We also welcome students to audit all offered courses. 

Interested in joining us as a new student or auditor? Reach out to our Director of Admissions via the contact form on our website today. We’re excited to hear from you!