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Almost everyone I knew focused on learning something new while trapped at home during the COVID-19 quarantine in 2020-2021. Before that, I spent my summer months leading mission trips throughout the United States part-time, serving as a middle school music and technology teacher for the rest of the year. 

I’ve always loved to learn and decided to use this extra time at home to explore the heart of missionaries. I completed an online program called Perspectives, which gave me a firm foundation on missionary history while also challenging me to learn more about the Bible and Christianity. About that same time, my home church – Lifehouse Church in Hagerstown, MD – developed a partnership with Ascent College, inviting interested members to earn a diploma in ministry leadership. 

Since I knew God was calling me to the mission field, I signed up for two beginning courses that offered an overview of the Old and New Testaments. As I studied each morning during my private time, these two courses unlocked so much within Scripture. These first experiences led me to take additional courses, eventually leading me toward completing my Diploma in Ministry Leadership. 

It’s been hard being a full-time teacher, full-time parent, part-time missionary, and going to college. Many nights I stayed up late studying and just when I didn’t want to read another chapter or write another paper, I would always get an email from someone at Ascent College with encouraging words. I’m truly grateful for those small acts of kindness at the right moment. 

During my time at Ascent College, I’ve learned from amazing Christian professors and alongside many incredible students already serving in ministry as their profession. I was not entirely sure where God was leading me. At one point, I thought to myself that even if I didn’t get a job placement within the missionary field, the knowledge I attained about God, the Bible, and my faith was well worth the educational experience.

Ascent College: Amanda Kline

Now, here I am, just a few months away from earning my Associate of Science in Ministry Leadership (ASML). A missionary organization recently hired me to serve full-time beginning this summer. I’m excited about my future and where God will lead me next. Thank you to everyone at Ascent College for preparing me to do His work for His Kingdom.